The start of a new year ...

As the sunrises for a new day and a brand new year.

I glance back at what was my most toughest but most successful year so far. I have challenged myself with covering different events and photographing a wide range of subjects - which I have embraced and thoroughly enjoyed each challenge. I'm so excited for this new year ... I would like to thank everyone who has had a shoot with me this year. I hope you enjoyed your time in the studio or out on location and have some precious memories to cherish.

Now for a BIG THANK YOU for all those who have helped open new doors. You know who you are! You had faith in me to do it which I will always be grateful.

Last but not least Daisy & Dukes thank you Michelle! I love working with the little ones they are all so adorable. Mad how I can't get a photo of my own children but those little guys seem to listen to me. Thanks again for your continued support!!! Bring on 2018!!!

Please watch out for some super exciting shoots that I was working on last year they will appeal to the sporting kids out there. Details to follow - watch this space!

Wishing you ALL Peace, Love and Laughter in the NEW YEAR!!!! xxx

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