Lemsford Presentation FC 2022

Team & Individual Photos

Photos are ready!! It's so good to be back... What a fab day to be a part of - so many achievements and awards. So nice to see all the boys and girls beam with pride from their efforts throughout the year.

The images are ready for you to view. Click here and then go to client galleries of 2022.

Click on the Lemsford FC symbol, and make sure you ask your coach for the password

(please don't share this with anyone).

Prints start from £10 each, there is a range of different products available please have a look on the website link above.

FREE delivery back to Lemsford FC, make sure your order is in before the 26th June 2022 after this date you will have to pay delivery. It takes 5-10 days after the 26th for printing and delivery back to your coach who will give them to you. You can opt to pay for delivery to your home address earlier if you wish.

Also, I've created Presentation Photos of each child which are similar to the samples below 10 x 8 = £15 each go check them out. There is a folder at the bottom of the teams.

Many thanks